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What is Holistic Kundalini Therapy?

The word holistic comes from the word Holos, which means whole, the entire person. Therefore, the entire person and all aspects are considered – spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

We often come from trauma and seek a way to move forward in this life, searching for unity within ourselves and with others. With holistic therapy, we can free ourselves from old thought patterns on deeper levels. Working with techniques such as massage, touch, and energy, we become more open to new opportunities in life.

As a result, we meet new people, can form relationships, feel happier, and more fulfilled in life. Through practices like meditation, prayer, and learning how to manage our own energy, we can constantly move beyond time and be fully present in the here and now.

As you’ll see on all pages, I offer various types of sessions to help you. To assist you in selecting, here is a brief overview of what each entails:

I am looking forward to meeting you in one of these sessions.

– Love Suze Flower

What is Kundalini Energy Healing ?

Suze Flower will introduce you to the transformative potential of Kundalini Energy Healing. A holistic therapist, who specializes in this exceptional and exquisite discipline.

With Kundalini Energy Healing, she has been liberated from guilt, shame, anger, and grief, and she can assist you in bringing in the unique white light that flows through your spine and body as well. This life energy is linked to the stars and the planet and higher dimensional Spirits.

Sometimes, suppressed emotions might obstruct your Kundalini, stopping your spiritual development and well-being. You can initiate the healing process and awaken your Kundalini with the assistance of a healer. Contact Suze Flower immediately to take the first step towards a more fulfilled life, free of obstacles. 

Suze Flower also offers a comprehensive online course to embark on a transformative journey of becoming a Kundalini teacher! Click here to learn more.

My Kundalini Awakening and Kundalini Energy Healing

I provide a variety of Kundalini services and Energy and Psychic healing sessions to the nature of my clients to help improve their daily lives.

Kundalini Therapist
Practitioner Training


• Online Course
• Live Zoom Chats
• Course Booklet
• Graduation Certificate

Energy & Psychic
Healing Sessions


• Promotes self-love
• Clears past traumas
• Removes negative energy
• Connects with spirit guides

Couple's Tantra


• Achieve serenity
• Reclaim balance
• Enhance intimacy
• Attain enlightenment

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Ask my clients about their transformational experience

"Super Grateful!"
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" I want to thank you for everything you have given me. It has changed my life forever. Without you I never would have come this far. I am super grateful to you! "
Kundalini Therapist Student
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" I would like to share that I have done a few healing sessions for people. The first session went very naturally. And the woman was so happy that she told others about her experience. After this they started asking for multiple sessions! It was really fun and nice to do also healing for me because now I have built some strength in myself that it felt so natural. Thanks Suze for the training really great! "
Allan Carolina
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" I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Suze here in Curacao when she flew here to give a group of energy healers and therapists the kundalini massage workshop. I had a profound feeling since the first day we met that we had to cross each other’s path, and I am glad that we did! The workshop kundalini massage initiated me to the flow of kundalini within and I was much more aware of this powerful flow of energy. I also did a one on one kundalini session with Suze, which was one of the most powerful healing sessions so far in my life. I was finally able to release deep rooted blockages and traumas in order to finally live my authentic, true self. Suze is a natural, loving and powerful healer! And I am grateful to have met her. "

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