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Welcome to my webpage where you will find all the information about kundalini energy healing, this information will bring you a step closer to your kundalini life force!

Let’s start with the question what is Kundalini? Well, this can be explained as life force, creation, and sexual energy all terms that describe this beautiful energy.

This energy exists out of energy from the sun, stars, galaxies, the soul, and the earth where your feet walk up.

Combining all these aspects of Divine energy gives you the possibility to fully discover who you truly are remembering all your past lives, your soul your Divinity!

When we look deeper your kundalini is your unique DNA string the universe as a whole embodied as a human being. When we start to connect to his kundalini we start to understand that we are becoming masters of our own destiny because we can start to reshape the past and consciously build the present, which is always within our kundalini stream and is active on the base of our spine.  

Over the years I developed a full training Kundalini therapist training where you can learn all the aspects of kundalini this training exists out of 3 levels where you can grow and develop your kundalini in a beautiful way and the lifestyle that belongs tot this amazing life force.

To become a therapist in the kundalini field or to learn about you and your kundalini to master it. It is a perfect way to explore this training and start your life fresh.

To become a Kundalini Therapist trainer you will come the following benefits so you be well trained to start your own kundalini therapist practice.

The benefits are:

  1. Learning how to awaken your own kundalini and that of others
  2. Realizing that we are energetic humans and have many multidimensional powers to heal others and ourselves.
  3. Streaming the kundalini within others and within yourself
  4. Learning the technics to let the energy flow in the body mind and spirit
  5. Supporting yourself to heal your own kundalini and others
  6. Releasing old conditions to become aware of our true strengths in our lives
  7. Knowing who we really are
Kundalini Awakening Therapist, Suze Flower

What is Kundalini energy healing ?

The beauty of my process in this life is that my kundalini energy healing flow has helped to free me from guilt, shame, anger and sadness. The kundalini energy healing has always been the flow that has allowed healing to flow through my life.

Kundalini energy healing is your real life force that keeps you here in the earth, your unique own white light that flows in your spine and organs.

Your spine looks like a harp and this harp gives music these music tones are your own unique tones in the universe, that give sound and guide you on your path where your soul may be and experience.

The kundalini energy healing is connected with the stars and the earth. Kundalini is your sexuality that is yours uniquely. It is stored at the bottom of your spine. The kundalini energy healing is always active, otherwise you wouldn’t be here on Earth.

We are not always aware that this awareness is exactly what we are looking for so that we can grow.

Kundalini is always awakened, but it can be because of suppressed emotions this can stagnate. This causes blockages. You can also say that the kundalini awakening  healing can be initiated.

My Kundalini Awakening and Kundalini Energy Healing Programs

I provide a variety of Kundalini services to the nature of my clients to help improve their daily lives.

Kundalini Awakening
Program Sessions

Kundalini Programs

• Therapist Education
• Massage Workshops
• Healing Sessions
• Orgasmic Training

Kundalini Energy
Healing Sessions

Kundalini Energy Healing Sessions


• Chakra Healing
• Trance Healing
• Sound Healing

Couple's Tantra
Healing Programs

Couple's Tantra Healing Programs


Tantra couple training
enhancing your love life

Suze flower character by Divine Connection

Ask my clients about their amazing Kundalini energy healing experience

Kundalini Therapist Student
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" I would like to share that I have done a few healing sessions for people. The first session went very naturally. And the woman was so happy that she told others about her experience. After this they started asking for multiple sessions! It was really fun and nice to do also healing for me because now I have built some strength in myself that it felt so natural. Thanks Suze for the training really great!"
Allan Carolina
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"I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Suze here in Curacao when she flew here to give a group of energy healers and therapists the kundalini massage workshop. I had a profound feeling since the first day we met that we had to cross each other’s path, and I am glad that we did! The workshop kundalini massage initiated me to the flow of kundalini within and I was much more aware of this powerful flow of energy. I also did a one on one kundalini session with Suze, which was one of the most powerful healing sessions so far in my life. I was finally able to release deep rooted blockages and traumas in order to finally live my authentic, true self. Suze is a natural, loving and powerful healer! And I am grateful to have met her."

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