Kundalini Healing Session

There can be all kinds of complaints and questions in your life, these give you the block on you and in you. The soul often chooses self-realization and to see what prevents it from being a complete person with all its powers. In this life, you may choose to walk this path. Then I am the right person to offer you support here together with your guides.

Some questions that have been asked and successfully guided in the Kundalini healing in the past are:

  • My Chakra are blocked but my kundalini wants to flow how do i deal with this
  • I have strong kundalini symptoms and i am in need for support to unblock these
  • I want to experience full body orgasms in connection with the Kundalini
  • I want to develop my Kundalini experience

These are all questions I work with on a daily basis. I welcome you to my session, where we can see what there is to work with it.