6-day training to become a Kundalini Therapist practitioner

You have been looking for the right education because it will bring you closer to yourself, step by step. I know that sometimes situations or events in our lives keeping us from fully accepting our orgasmic divinity, but this is what we really are. We are fully embodied sexual beings, but unfortunately, because of what our experiences are now or in the past, not all of us are able to open up fully to love and ecstasy and fulfillment in life. Or even have the opportunity to practice this. 

If you want to rediscover your full sexuality, but also want to pass this on to others, then this training is certainly suitable for you. A simple step-by-step process that teaches you to enjoy your own body and your sexuality and become a Kundalini Therapist practitioner.

Learn how your body works inside and out with the Kundalini channels opened.

You experience energy in your body.

Able to express yourself completely as you are.

Understand what energy really is

Learn techniques to achieve Kundalini flowing

Experience less stress and fatigue throughout the day as you connect to your own energy

level 1: The initiation of Kundalini Therapist with certificate to Kundalini Therapist practitioner

Activating and purifying the cosmic energy channels of body and mind

  • Opening and cleaning energy Kundalini channels
  • Open and cleaning the energy leg channels
  • Open and cleaning the chest channels
  • Soul healing and cleaning the hearing channels
  • Cleaning the infinity channels¬†
  • Meditations to bring in cosmic kundalini in the body
  • Removing old conditions from the past
  • Learn how men and women feel and react about energy in the body
  • Neutralizing guilt and shame in yourself and the client
  • Practicing on the client through sessions, learning how the energy channels of clients work
  • Learning about Kundalini massage in the body and on distance
  • learning online Kundalini healing