Sex Coaching

Is sex not easy for you? Or things are going great, but you want to know more about different types of sexuality, then you’ve come to the right place. Below you find the benifits of sex coaching

  • Feeling good in your  sexuality again
  • Being able to open to a man or a woman No erection problems
  • Being able to experience an orgasm as a woman –
  • Being able to talk about sexuality in a deeper level.
  • Being able to show yourself again to someone else without having to turn off the light
  • Able to dress sexy 
  • Turn your back on your sex addiction and have a normal sex life.
  • Feel no shame anymore or just try out new types of sexuality.


Very understandable situations when you can see where we all come from what kind of families we come from, from the church often being held in a certain situation or having experienced abuse.

No sex education as a child, but watched porn or were given rules by men or women, that’s how it should be! Where is your real being, your sexuality the way you like it? Layer by layer we can check how you are, and you can share everything, even if you just want to talk. See you soon in one of the coaching sessions.