Kundalini Therapist©

Dear students,

Do you want to become a Kundalini Therapist© and help many clients around the world and gain many new memorable experiences? Helping people on a path to become healthier and happier people? Which can. Maybe you just want to learn more about the subject as an initiated student or you want to experience new orgasmic states thanks to this Kundalini training. This great opportunity is waiting for you! During this training we walk together on the path that will enrich you enormously so that you will experience divinity in great depth.

“Love is the answer to all the questions”

– Suze Flower –


We are all looking for our intuition. Spiritual development can be done in many ways Yoga, Healing, Coaching, Meditation, Retreats.

The courses are ancient movements of Kundalini, these are used specifically aimed at opening the Kundalini and the chakra and to learn to understand and to work with them on a daily basis. This is about accelerated spiritual growth towards cosmic unity. When the energy flows through all cells in the body there is a constant flow of life energy. There will then be a state of tranquility and a sense of unity. The currents of energy are brought in through the cosmos this is how purification takes place.

After this training you will be a certified Kundalini therapist and you can help people who have trauma and energy blockages. The work is beautiful and it makes you a richer person yourself.

Love to see and speak to you soon in the free intake session or in one of the sessions or workshops.



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