A reminder of my recovery from HPV infection and high stage pre-cancerous cervix.

It was a battle of three years and many physical blocks to find out where it came from.
People around me in therapy couldn’t see or even try to convince me that I had not been sexually assaulted. Later, a shaman finally came my way who helped me to dream, and the first images came to me.

In my past, there was one person in a family constellation who said you were probably sexually abused. I didn’t know and pushed it away.
Now I am clean from this disease today, I have had surgery three times because it came back every time.
There was no energy in my vagina and my root chakra, it was numb and cold and dark.
At one point, my lower pelvis started to hurt, and it was hell. Images of the dark, a soul crisis, and the burning in my vagina were so bad that I could no longer move. This lasted for a year, and finally, I started to feel warmth and warmth and started to feel my vagina.
Now she is happier and happier, less afraid, and more confident in life. She communicates with my brain and my whole system, and together we are in the world, and we feel safe.

To all women who have been sexually assaulted, there is a way to start feeling again in your pelvis and your vagina, keep broadcasting that you want to heal, and it will happen.

This was my story… What will be yours?