Stress is related to overthinking. There is a glitch between the heart and the head. The heart knows the direction, but the head thinks, analysing all the options in to the past connects the dots and will sabotage the new adventures. This stress worry built in the back of scull on the lower side of […]

Prostate Issues

Too little sexual activity or real satisfaction in sexuality or …


The more we feel, the more we come back to our being as we really are…


It is very important to express your needs and what you do not like in your relationship or friends or with yourself.


A reminder of my recovery from HPV infection and high stage pre-cancerous cervix.

Pain during sex or just pain in the vagina

The onset of the pain may have its origin in not being able to relax properly in the pelvis and in the vagina. Relaxation exercises or tantra massage can release tension and create a free feeling in your pelvis and legs. Flow is good for the tissue of the vagina and keeps it healthy. As […]