initiate your sex life

What can you use to initiate your sex life and get that spark back…

Due to stress and a lot of thoughts or pain in your body, a broken relationship, it may be that you just don’t feel like making love anymore or have the need to experience intimacy again.

Here are tips for making change:
πŸ’«Go to the sauna
πŸ’«Get yourself a massage
πŸ’«Get a sex coach
πŸ’«Take a tantra massage
πŸ’«Dress yourself nice again
πŸ’«Only go on a date because you can go out for dinner, for example

These things above bring that spark back and can make your sex life come back a bit.
Stress and burnouts and anxiety, anger and sadness are the biggest culprits of low libido.
Sex is the solution to a happy life (one of theπŸ˜…)

What if life just never really revolves around the other person. If that was always the illusion, what would life be like for you? I know, and that is the way. The way open to us.

Ho ho the point here is that if you do what you like, the universe also puts nice people in your path and puts your old pattern aside.
And from your real heart, you no longer give to others from the old pattern that you want to be seen or need something.
You yourself are filled with love, that’s why your cup always overflows … And there is enough for everyone.