Kundalini Activation Process (KAP)

kundalini therapist activating the kundalini (KAP) of a patient

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What is Kundalini Activation Process?

Kundalini is the latent but potent divine energy that lies dormant within each of us. However, the most crucial aspect of Kundalini is that it encompasses our entire psyche and, when activated, connects us to the one source behind our entire existence: consciousness. Therefore, we must activate Kundalini and draw from the complete range of our human experience to realize our full potential as sentient beings.

When your Kundalini energy awakens within you, you feel it moving through your spine. You’re on a journey to uncover the true, powerful, and divine version of yourself. This Kundalini energy supposedly alleviates your blockages within your energy system and leads you to a path of transcendence, which ushers in a higher state of consciousness.

Once your higher state of consciousness has been awakened, a profound restructuring of the brain structure and central nervous systems occurs and will continue to happen the more Kundalini Activation Process sessions you do. This restructuring enables a deep emotional and spiritual healing that is often unattainable via other methods. Trained facilitators will call this kind of transmission “shaktipat”, however the Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) is a unique blend of different traditional school and systems that make it so powerful and perhaps life-altering.

The Kundalini Activation Process is a natural transmission process, and not a process which is self-willed or self-generating. This is a path of surrender, not the path of will. The Kundalini activation process is different to other self-generating willful practices or Kundalini experiences such as Tantra, Chi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, etc. It is regarded as a natural process that won’t send a shock to your system, but rather this type of Kundalini energy has innate intelligence that will do exactly what your system needs at that moment in time.

activating the KAP of a patient

The Kundalini Activation process is considered safe in general, however, because it is such a powerful experience, just note that it can sometimes release unprocessed emotions. This is a key part of the process, and it is recommended that you give yourself time after the transmission to process the experience.

How does Kundalini Activation Process work?

How does the Kundalini Activation Process work? After extended Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) exposure, the brain and central nervous system networks undergo a radical transformation. Symptoms and indicators of a Kundalini awakening are often noticed in participants, from the earliest beginnings of subtle energy flow to embodied non-dual states of being.

A transmission of kundalini energy starts from the crown chakra and disperses any blockages or stagnant energy until it reaches the root chakra, from which it flows in both directions. A shock to the system is not to be expected since the procedure is quite organic.

Kundalini Activation process involves lying on a yoga mat, closing your eyes, and relaxing to music. The facilitator may move their hands above you, touch or press on your chakra or meridian points, and transmit energy. Let go and embrace whatever comes your way.

When you sense energy pouring through your body, you may move in unexpected spontaneous ways. For others, it’s a blissful state or an expansion of consciousness. For many others, it’s a cathartic experience that leads to reflection and heightened awareness.

To get the most out of each Kundalini Activation process session, participants should attend three to five sessions at most. Closely spaced sessions may promote embodiment not just during but also between sessions.

Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled, wear loose, comfortable clothes (avoid metal zippers or buttons down your front), and have a small meal or you don’t have to eat at all before the session; an empty stomach is best, but having some fruit is okay. If you consume meat, restrict it before the session. Before the session, avoid caffeine, alcohol, and other substances.

The Benefits of Kundalini Activation Process

You may be wondering, “When my Kundalini is awakened what are some of the benefits I might experience?” Here is a list of different experiences you can have after a KAP session:

  • You can feel energy running through your body.
  • You can become visually stimulated due to your third eye becoming active, or seeing lights or images, or going on an astral journey, or having visions.
  • You can feel a range of emotions that could also have been repressed such as anger, sadness, or fear but then you can also experience feelings of laughter, happiness, or bliss (do not suppress these emotions, good or bad, rather feel them and release them into the ether.
  • You may experience Kinaesthetic movement such as plain body movements, stretches, yoga poses, shaking, or mudras (you must remember to pay attention to where you are feeling it in your body and focus on how your body is trying to move without letting your mind interfere).
  • You may feel that you can take ownership of your life.
  • You may have clarity in which direction you want to go.
  • You may feel more harmony within yourself.
  • You may remember your true self and what your purpose may be.
  • You may feel a relief from stress and feel less tension in your body.
  • You may feel less depressed or anxious.
  • You may have an emotional release and could overcome traumatic experiences.
  • You might experience a calming effect on your overall state of mind.
  • You may feel more energized.
  • You may become more self-awareness instead of following old habitual patterns.
  • You may become spiritually awakened and experience a sense of oneness within yourself.
  • You may receive an increase of energy and lose the overall feeling of lethargy.
  • You may feel a sense of increased motivation and stop procrastinating.
  • You may stop drinking and doings drugs.
  • You could quit bad smoking habits.
  • Your poor diet could evolve into a healthier one.
  • You may become vegetarian or vegan.
  • You may muster up the courage to leave a toxic relationship.
  • You may quit your unfulfilling job.
  • You may experience a decrease or complete passing of compulsive behaviours.
  • Physical ailments may become less intense or disappear completely.
  • You could experience an increased libido.
  • You may experience an overall increase in compassion for others as well as yourself.
  • You may start making better life choices.
  • You may start having the courage to stand up for yourself.
  • You may have a lesser tolerance for drama from others.
  • You may start experiencing a new level of telepathy.

Embrace your Kundalini, experience these benefits with the guidance of our trusted and experienced Kundalini Therapist teacher, Suze Flower. If you’re not ready to book your Kundalini Healing Session yet, feel free to contact Suze Flower if you have any questions. We can’t wait to have you!


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