You often hear about symptoms of Kundalini. But what does that actually mean?

Imagine, you are always working from your head and you don’t feel much in your body. You do feel pain, but the rest is still a bit vague. Suddenly a warm life energy enters your body. This energy breaks open cells and goes to work smoothing your body again, flowing for positive life force.

This can be accompanied by feelings such as: fatigue, painful organs, back pain or chakra flow. The energy goes to work in those parts of your body where it is needed, to put everything back in order. This may take a while. Unfortunately, in the western world we don’t have enough time (thoughts and head).

However, the kundalini is not bound by time. This one goes its way and wants to have the life force flow through the body. The intention is that you will listen to this power and surrender. That can mean that your life is going to change completely, your lifestyle, your expressions, etc.

But that is the way to your own authentic expression. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? Yes, it is sometimes not comfortable, but the Ego (survival system) always wants to keep you in the same position. Logical because otherwise you might not survive. But the kundalini wants nothing more than to give you a nice ecstatic time.

Trust that she will help you increase your spiritual and physical life.