Paramedical naturopathic therapist

Paramedical naturopathic therapist

Welcome to Divine Connection, where you can follow various treatments at Suze Barendregt, an experienced paramedical naturopathic therapist. In this practice alternative medicine methods are applied that can help you to get your body back in balance. Also, the treatments can help to reduce various vague complaints or pain, so you can continue full of energy with your daily life. What do you think of Trance Healing, for example? This is a form of treatment that is considered very pleasant by many of the clients. This form of treatment therefore offers many advantages. Thanks to the powerful energy that is used, pain and complaints can be relieved or even completely disappear. Of course, the various treatments can also have beneficial effects if you do not experience any complaints or problems.

Clear communication
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If you come for the first time for a session, there is always an intake. I would like to discuss your complaints / problems and the expectations you have of me as a paramedical naturopathic therapist. Clear communication is therefore very important, so you know where you stand. You can also count on professional advice and personal guidance during the treatments. Every customer is unique!

Give it a try!

You may not believe in Trance Healing or other alternative medicine and you do not have to. The only way to find out if it works for you is of course to give it a try. You will definitely not be disappointed. Do you have any questions or would you like more information before you make an appointment? Please contact us.

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