Chakra Healing


The chakras are the energy portals to your body. Trauma in your live can block your chakras and cause trouble in body and mind. The chakra healing finds and removes the blockages.


In this session we cleanse the chakra where blocked energy occurs is the possibility to release this with the energy that comes from high dimensions we will address the most common chakra that mostly is blocked Chakra 1 base chakra being rooted and feeling safe Chakra 2 sexual chakra able to have relationships Chakra 3 willpower able to use will Chakra 4 compassion, heart love, Chakra 5 able to speak the truth Chakra 6 visions Chakra 7 connection to Spirit and wisdom What can I expect from in this session, working with the highest possible energy that will flush the chakra, at the deepest level Result is being able to feel freedom your body, openness.


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