Couple’s Tantra



Tantra are ancient wisdom that are there for us in this digital world that we focus on. The tantra wisdom want us to regain physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Tantra is the soul and it’s total size everything is allowed to be. Tantra is compared to sex, the judgment that has been passed on tantra. Tantra is really something else, it is a form of gaining enlightenment in this life. By looking at our invisible patterns and games that we play for our own pleasure, we come to liberation from these things. With compassion and honesty, step into life and look at ourselves. Discover our unique self.

Within the couple tantra training, you both learn to be in a more intimate way of living with each other. Normally in day to day life we tend to not make so much effort for a deep love life. We have to try to stay in love because this is the way to a happy and healthy lives. Within three months we are covering all kinds of topics:

  • Love,
  • sexuality,
  • energy,
  • polarity,
  • intimacy and learning to fully deeply understand the partner and self.