Intuitive Guidance Session



When I ask my spirit guides to support me and help u to see what is going on in your life, it’s beautiful to see with intuition how your life can be like in your full potential. When you start working on this guidance, you will see the difference.

What can I expect during an intuitive reading?

I may use a combination of an oracle deck and intuition Guidance from Spirit and active discussion between myself and my client to receive clear guidance and information as it relates to the client.

I am a facilitator inside the reading and I use awareness from the client to come to the outcome.

What techniques do I use?

During the session I can use; Akashic records, Sound healing, singing bowls, Shamanic drum, High-frequency energy healing, Past lifetime lines Cord-cutting, Energy cleansing, Chakra healing.

With what kind of issues can I come?

Areas of life Relationships, Money issues, Career Finding,  your life partner, Family issues, Finance Health issues.

The result?

Client leaves with insights and cleared energy field. Steps to start living a more aligned life.