Kundalini Therapist Practioner



To become a Kundalini Therapist trainer you will come with the following benefits so you be well trained to start your own kundalini therapist practice.

The benefits are:

  1. Learning how to awaken your own kundalini and that of others
  2. Realizing that we are energetic humans and have many multidimensional powers to heal others and ourselves.
  3. Streaming the kundalini within others and within yourself
  4. Learning the technics to let the energy flow in the body mind and spirit
  5. Supporting yourself to heal your own kundalini and others
  6. Releasing old conditions to become aware of our true strengths in our lives
  7. Knowing who we really are


level 1:  The initiation of Kundalini Therapist with a certificate as a Kundalini Therapist practitioner

The Kundalini therapist training is full embodied training. This training is full 6 days.

Within 6 days you are able to receive kundalini initiations from others and activate it in yourself but also to give full kundalini energy healings to others.

The schedule for the training is as followed:

  1. Opening to your multidimensional self body mind and spirit
  2. Meditation to receive kundalini
  3. Cleaning the kundalini channels
  4. Receiving Cosmic kundalini
  5. Higher self meditations
  6. Body kundalini activations
  7. Chakra teachings in combination with the kundalini
  8. Chakra reading and cleansing
  9. Tantric kundalini channels opening and cleansing
  10. Learning about the endless possibilities from the kundalini
  11. Chakra deepening
  12. Learning how to heal with kundalini on distance
  13. How do I set up a kundalini practice in my home or in another place
  14. Activation of kundalini in others
  15. Learning the different tools how to transmit kundalini
  16. Homework on how to activate kundalini
  17. Theory about kundalini
  18. Learning how to work with clients in every day to day kundalini therapist practice
  19. Kundalini body massage
  20. Opening the pelvis for deeper kundalini awareness



  1. There are two optional pieces of training 6 full days within a group face to face or 1 day a month within zoom calls online
  2. Within these days you need 4 clients to work with these clients will be invited for 1 hour a day they will receive healing and kundalini awakening
  3. So you are able to feel complete how to work with a client.


The training is provided with a booklet to study the kundalini in your home

When you practice in the group you will get full teachings of Suze Flower to expand your knowledge

You receive a full certification to start practicing your kundalini Therapist business