Energy kundalini healing session


This session opens up the energy paths in the woman, which release guilt, shame, anger or sadness. After the session she is completely herself and fully in her feminine power.

There is a good chance that somewhere in your body there is an energetic blockage that causes you to get stuck. During this healing I can help you to see where the blockage is. I can help you with tips on how to tackle the blockage and, with energetic remote treatment, get the energy flowing again. You can then become more powerful in life, so that you are able to understand, know and solve your problems.



There can be all kinds of complaints and questions in your life, these give you the block on you and in you. The soul often chooses self-realization and to see what prevents it from being a complete person with all its powers. In this life you may choose to walk this path. Then I am the right person to offer you support here together with your guides.


Some questions that have been asked and successfully guided in the past are:


Can I connect with my guides and higher self?

Do I get over my trauma?

How do I go on living when it is sometimes so difficult to see life as a happy Place?

How do I channel my Guides so that I can really work with them?

How do my medium gifts come up more, how can I learn this?

Can I live without stress and worries?

Can I work with my intuition?

Do I get rid of my unexplained pains?

Do I get closer to myself?

Am I going to finally feel myself instead of others making me lose myself?

Do I ground myself?

How do I get over my depression?

How do I learn to deal with energy in my body?

How do I wake up my Kundalini?

How do I save my relationship?

How does trance medium shelf work and how can I learn it?

How do I get rid of my depression and fears I probably have entities?

How do I get rid of my fears and guilt?

How do I learn to become a medium?

How do I learn to be a Kundalini therapist?

How can I shape my own future?


These are all questions I work with on a daily basis. I welcome you to my session, where we can see what there is to solve it. Or come to one of my workshops or introduction evenings.



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