Psychic reading


Psychic mediumship, clairvoyant is a method where we are going into a deeper state of entrancement where we connect to the healing energy of the universe. We connect with the Spirit guides of others and ask for support. With our healing abilities, we help others in balancing the body, mind and Spirit.

How does the session go?

First, we have a conversation and start to explore the question of healing. Then after that, the facilitator goes into trance and the healing starts to come forth out of the spirit and starts to move in the body. This is the way to start to put balance in the system and the body starts to heal and can become healthy.

Within two or three sessions we can start to see results and the body start to adapt.

A Paranormal reading can be about all sorts of things:

– Twin souls
– Relation
– Depression
– Diseases
– Drugs
– Alcohol
– Fears
– Family
– Finance/finance
– Lawsuits
– Business problems
– Money problems
– Love relationships
– Educations
– Spiritual development

All things you sometimes don’t know the answers to. It is very nice to be able to communicate with an expert about this.

Someone who comes into contact with your higher self and your Guides, but also someone who has already gone through these paths and can give good advice.

If we relate all these things to nature and your own health and also what background you have, for example how you were brought up, then we see much deeper!

Then a spiritual coach can be the solution. This person is familiar with the practicalities, but also has the ability to look deeper.
To be able to see the trauma or issues for what they are. And offer a solution that will actually help.

There are spiritual coaches who also offer healing sessions to break through blockages or even look into past lives and give these past lives a place together with you.

A Paranormal reading is therefore a real solution. No question is too crazy, so you can see what really lies behind your question and undergo the realization.

This is a full reading.