Receiving Love

Stacey is a woman from Canada and was visiting Mt Shasta and going to a spiritual retreat center. She was in the city and looked for some books. In a flashy moment, she grabbed the book of Amora Quan yin and was feeling that something was so good about this book. She came home and was reading the book in two days. Then she started to look on the internet to find someone to help here with here issues about men and how to deal with that. She found me on the internet and wanted a Skype session at once. I was thrilled because she was from Canada and surprised to work overseas trough the device skype. The session was all about how she had to find here power and forgiveness on the past and the session gave here so much light in the heart. Then the next week she texts me: “Guess what, I met a guy and I am so in love! But most of all I am so happy to be in touch with myself again and what I truly want in life.”
I so love my job!