Receiving Of Sexuality

If I only give, then the other will also give. One of my biggest pitfalls in my life. I touch him in a certain way, and it will probably come back. 

If I blow him or drive harder on him, that something will probably come back. I know that feeling all too well. 

I wondered why I don’t feel anything, I understood later if I only give then I can’t feel anything then I’m giving. I stopped and in small steps I started to feel my body.

The sensations were so intense that I tried to push them away too, but my next step was there. I started to receive again. Love flowed into me instead of out of me. I felt sexual energy flowing into me, it was a fantastic, intense feeling.
Many women and men are so used to giving themselves away, but the dynamics of these patterns mean that we cannot experience life in its entirety.
When we let go of this pattern, the give and take falls away and the flow of love rises, and we can BE.
holy sex…

What is it ?
For me and what I have experienced is the coming together of two souls who see each other in their being, deep contact that goes beyond a night of fucking.
Seeing the lives we have lived, the depths of our ancestors. The moving of the head into a free fall and time stands still, hours pass, but it feels like only a minute has passed.

The penetration comes from love from heart and penis prostate or vagina uterus and g spot.
Even as it begins to descend to the base and deep shadows rise, there is a connection to the heart.
The depth of the soul is palpable, and at that moment there is oneness with all the universe. That goes beyond just fucking, that’s how I see sacred sex.