Relationship crisis

When things go a bit less in a relationship, we often start thinking in our heads what could be. Or we withdraw because things don’t go the way we want.

Ever thought about family dynamics from your own past or your partner’s past?
πŸ‘‰ Suddenly feel distant
πŸ‘‰Pain During Sex
πŸ‘‰Is he or she not himself
πŸ‘‰He or she watches TV all evening
πŸ‘‰Is she or he always tired
πŸ™ƒSex life to a zero point
πŸ‘€Doing something fun was months ago

Things used to be like this because you had to work hard and everything will be fine through rest and regularity . There is also a downside to this way because everyone is different.
By seeing these differences and leaving the old conditioning behind, we come back in a dance with each other and you feel attracted again, the passion is back.

In the beginning, you found each other through:
πŸ’“Β Passion
πŸ’“Β Recognition
πŸ’“Β Adventure
πŸ’“Β Wild Sex
πŸ’“Β Deep Connection
πŸ’“Β Attraction

Are you tempted by past conditioning from the family?
Or do you go for your dance! Your abiding LOVE DANCE. What was in the beginning is always there, because there is no end.
The new world 🌍 is ENDLESS, and tantra makes that possible.