Relaxation massage Rotterdam

A relaxation massage in Rotterdam at Divine Connection

Welcome to Divine Connection, a practice for alternative medicine in the Rotterdam area. You are looking for possibilities for a relaxation massage in Rotterdam and so you ended up here. You do not have to look any further, because Suze Barendregt, the owner of Divine Connection, is an experienced therapist. In this practice, various forms of treatment are used, including the energetic massage. Below you can read more about the beneficial effects you experience when you opt for a relaxation massage in Rotterdam at Divine Connection.

Ontspanningsmassage RotterdamThanks to the massage you can release blockages

When we are born, our energy field is pure and clean. Over the years we gain experiences that create blockades in our body. This can include trauma such as the death of loved ones or physical violence. The older we become, the more these blockages can get in the way of us. Thanks to the pure energy used in the relaxation massage in Rotterdam, the body is stimulated to clear up blockades. This energy is bundled through the hands of the therapist and transmitted to the body. The massage also has a draining effect, so that waste products are removed more quickly. You will experience that you will get more energy to continue your daily activities.

Experience it yourself

Is your interest in a relaxation massage in Rotterdam awakened with practice Divine Connection? Please contact us to make an appointment. A massage consists of five treatments, afterwards there is a period of rest so your body can get used to the new open state. Of course you can always come back for another session if you wish.

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