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Kundalini Program, Energy Healing, Massages, and more!

Kundalini Programs

Kundalini Therapist Practitioner Training

Kundalini Therapist Practitioner

You have been looking for the right education because it brings you closer to yourself step by step.

I know that situations or events in our lives sometimes prevent us from fully accepting our orgasmic divinity, but this is what we really are. We are fully embodied sexual beings, but unfortunately, because of our past or present experiences, not all of us are able to fully open ourselves to love and ecstasy and fulfillment in life.

Or even have the opportunity to practice this. If you want to rediscover your full sexuality, but also want to pass it on to others, then this training is definitely for you.

A simple step-by-step process that teaches you to enjoy your own body and your sexuality and become a Kundalini Therapist. Learn how your body works inside and out with the Kundalini channels open. You will learn to experience energy in your body.

Able to fully express yourself as you are.

Understand what energy really is learn techniques To achieve Kundalini flow, experience less stress and fatigue all day long while connecting to your own energy.

Kundalini Healing Sessions

There can be all kinds of complaints and questions in your life, these give you the blockage and in you.

The soul often chooses self-realization and to see what prevents it from being a complete human being with all its powers.

In this life, you can choose to walk this path.

Then I am the right person to support you here together with your guides.

Some questions that have been asked and successfully guided in Kundalini healing in the past are: My chakras are blocked but my kundalini wants to flow, how do I deal with this. I have strong kundalini symptoms and I need support to unblock them.

I want to experience full body orgasms related to the Kundalini I want to develop my Kundalini experience.

These are all questions I work with on a daily basis. I welcome you to my session, where we can see what needs to be done.

Kundalini Healing sessions by Divine Connection
Kundalini Massage Workshops by Divine Connection

Kundalini Massage Workshop

Your greatest energy is in your spine and in your heart. 

That means that when we touch specific points in the body, we can open the life force channels.

This touch opens your way to the kundalini lifestream.

With the Kundalini we open the way to flowing water (energy) The

Kundalini gives you the following benefits in life. – Less tired – No more stiffness in the muscles – More energy during the day – Removal of blocked energy in the body –

Flowing chakra system to earth, mind and body The workshop is especially for opening the Kundalini.

With in the workshop we go deep into the massage and also the awakening of the kundalini flow.

Soundhealing is also part of the kundalini awakening energy is sound.

It is a workshop, every day we work for 3 hours with a break of 30 minutes. It is at a location in the Netherlands or in another country with enough participants

Kundalini Orgasmic Training

This training is made for those who have the Kundalini working and want to learn more about receiving ecstatic states and fulfilling orgasms, we are conditioned as people who watch porn or have no idea to do other things than masturbate fast sex and short orgasms (nothing wrong with that but there is so much more to discover).

Lovemaking can be all night or all week, whichever you prefer, as you go from mind sex to energetic sex. Let me show you what that is like and start experiencing this with your partner or with yourself.

More information about: Enjoying the tantra channels in the body satisfy the chakra and the skin of the body Orgasmic states.

Full body orgasm without touch and with body touch Mind Kundalini Transfer and Surrender Beyond Mind Tantric handout to practice at home 

Kundalini Orgasmic Training by Divine Connection


Intuitive Massages by Divine Connection

Intuitive Massages

Massage is a way to get rid of toxins that we build up in our bodies every day through information from other people and the environment.

We try to feel good every day. But old patterns of thinking about who and what we are can be toxic to our system.

How’s the massage going? Lying on my table gives you time to relax and my hands will intuitively start massaging where there are blocking energy cells in the body.

Within an hour you will have a totally new feeling in the body and you will start to feel freer.

Tantra Massages

Tantra Massages by Divine Connection

Enhance Your Sex Life

Spice up your love life with sex coaching by Divine Connection

Sex Coaching

Isn’t it easy for you? Or are things going well, but if you want to know more about different forms of sexuality, then you’ve come to the right place. Within the session you will find the benefits of sex coaching You feel good again being able to open up to a man or a woman no erection problems, being able to experience an orgasm as a woman – Being able to talk about sexuality on a deeper level. 

Energy Healing Sessions


Trance Healing

With trance healing we are combining the connection with our Spirit and with our Spirit guides. Spirit guides are incarnated energy’s that have been on this earth long ago, these guides have the abilities to balance the body and initiate the self healing that is already in the body .

They remove negative entities and negative thoughtforms out of the cells of the body. If the negative comes from last lives or this live our own spirit can see timelines from this live and the past and start remove or repattern this . Then balance comes again so the body starts to heal itself .

For example depression, pains are mostly from the past and created by a conflict inside the mind, a trauma that has brought unbalance in the body.

Our ancestors and spirit guides have been going trough these past wounds so they know how to remove these wounds and come in to acceptance with it so the wounds are coming in to full state of love and they are just a memory instead of a open fully bleeding wound.


Chakra Healing

In this session we cleanse the chakra, where blocked energy occurs we have the opportunity to release it with the energy that comes from high dimensions. We will cover the most common chakra that is usually blocked.

  • Chakra 1 base chakra is rooted and feels safe.
  • Chakra 2 sexual chakra able to have relationships
  • Chakra 3 will be able to use willpower
  • Chakra 4 compassion, heart love
  • Chakra 5 we can speak the truth from the higherself
  • Chakra 6 visions
  • Chakra 7 connection with Spirit and wisdom.

What can I expect from this session, working with the highest possible energy that the chakra, at the deepest level. The result is that you can feel your body freedom, openness.

Chakra Healing Sessions
Sound Healing Services

Sound Healing

Sound healing is always present in your life in music, in talking, in energy, everything is sound.

The frequency of sound penetrates the cells in the body, they begin to vibrate and when they do, they vibrate at a higher level.

Which means that the old vibration cannot hold and will let go, in other words, we are vibrating the toxic energy out of our body.

The benefits of sound healing are: reduce pain circulatory system relaxed new energy sleep better

We have a singing bowl to amplify the sound and through this we begin to shake our cells more in the vibration of the universe and thereby we remove old states from the cells.

The sound healing is in groups or for individuals.

Couples Tantra

Healing relationships with Couples Tantra by Suze Flower

Tantra are ancient wisdoms that are there for us in this digital world that we focus on. The tantra wisdoms want us to regain physical, mental and spiritual balance. Tantra is the soul and its total size everything is allowed to be. Tantra is compared to sex the judgment that has been passed on tantra.  

By looking at our invisible patterns and games that we play for our own pleasure, we come to liberation from these things. From compassion and honesty stepping into life and look at ourselves. Discover our unique self.

Physical Health Improvement


Intuitive Guidance

When I ask my spirit guides to support me and help you see what is happening in your life, it is wonderful to see with intuition what your life can look like in its full potential. When you start working on these guidelines, you will see the difference. What can I expect during an intuitive reading? I can use a combination of oracle play and intuitive guidance from Spirit and active discussion between myself and my client to get clear guidance and information. When it comes to the client, I am a facilitator while reading and use the client’s awareness to arrive at the expected result.

Work used during the session is: Akashic Records – Sound Healing – Singing Bowls – Shamanic Drum High Frequency Energy Healing – Past Life Lines Cutting Cords – Energy Purification – Chakra Healing – Areas of Life Relationships – Money Problems Career – Finding Your Life Partner Family Problems Finance – Health Problems

The result: when you leave, you also leave with insight and a liberated energy field. And steps to start living a more attuned life.

Intuitive Food Choices


Food Channeling

Working with the food healing session will give you clear insights on how to eat your food and what type of food you need. Your higher self will carry the right food that is good for you.

When we start consuming these foods, our body becomes healthier and vibrates at a level that is very uniquely designed that is you.

The advantages of these choices are as follows

Energetic – Anti-aging – Fat reduction – Body shaping – Feeling more satisfied with what you eat

The session lasts one hour and is only for channeling food. Everything is put on paper, so that you can gradually develop healthy eating patterns.

Egypt Temple Retreat


Egypt, the land of the promise, in fact all the promises are true. the temples bring a constant new energy that we are all waiting for, but this energy will be visited in Egypt.

Travel with us to the Promised land that gives the healing that we need to be more in alignment with the Gods and our higherself.

Queen Temple


Dress Up Session

Becoming your own queen in life also allows you to start dressing the way you really want to dress. This is a unique opportunity to start dressing the way you want and make this your life and your blueprint. I support and guide this process, supporting you in choosing your clothes and look for your unique life.