I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Suze here in Curacao when she flew here to give a group of energy healers and therapists the kundalini massage workshop. I had a profound feeling since the first day we met that we had to cross each other’s path, and I am glad that we did!… Read more “Transformational”

Allan Carolina
August 18, 2021

Amazed what blockages you quickly cleared

Thank you for the powerful distant healing session Suze. Amazed what blockages you quickly cleared by going through the timeline of my life events. Even after me having done years of therapy, you found remnants of stuck energy. Feeling a lot of expansion in my body now, like it’s able to breathe after having been… Read more “Amazed what blockages you quickly cleared”

May 12, 2021


I’ve met Suzanne around one year ago, but I never had the chance to share some of my struggles with her. One day I suddenly opened up and she reached out to me with an helping hand, no hesitation.
We worked on some of my issues from the past she discovered and I’m so… Read more “Enlightening”

September 6, 2020

Because of my divorce, i was full of emotions

Because of my divorce, I was full of emotions that I didn’t know what to do. My anger frustration and sadness regularly surfaced and I got stuck. Didn’t quite know what to expect with the session. But I felt more relaxed than ever. During the treatment I received many more questions than I could imagine… Read more “Because of my divorce, i was full of emotions”

July 18, 2020

Never thought the effect would be so strong

Feedback from the healing session Had a healing session last week from Suzanne Langman. Even took a few days to see and experience what is happening in my system. Remarkably overcome a piece of fear and with that a piece of peace back in my system. Never thought the effect would be so strong. Thankful… Read more “Never thought the effect would be so strong”

April 13, 2020