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Therapist in Rotterdam for Trance Healing and energetic massages

Welcome to Divine Connection. You ended up on this page because you are looking for opportunities to visit a therapist in Rotterdam or surroundings. Divine Connection is a practice where you can go for various treatments, please read below to get more information.

When you make an appointment with Divine Connection, you will come into direct contact with the owner, Suze Barendregt. From her childhood she is busy with her search for what is more. This search has provided her with a lot of knowledge and experience that she now uses every day in her practice. So you can go to this therapist in Rotterdam for:

  • Trance Healing
  • Soul Dynamics
  • Trance Medium
  • Energetic massage
  • Nutritional advice

Therapeut RotterdamNaturopathy

As you can read, you can go to Divine Connection for alternative medicine. The only way to determine whether this works for you is of course to give it a try. Trance Healing, for example, is experienced as pleasant by many customers. In this form of treatment, powerful energy is bundled through the hands of the therapist and transmitted to the body. The energy ensures that your body is in balance again, which will reduce any pain or complaints. It often happens that customers have vague complaints that they can not do anything about, because the GP or specialist says that nothing can be done about it. Trance Healing can provide a solution by stimulating the body to reduce pain. This treatment is suitable for all ages and of course also very useful if you do not experience any symptoms. You can also go to Divine Connection for a Trance Medium session, in which the medium puts itself in a slight trance, through which messages are conveyed by spirits through the body. This treatment is also aimed at improving physical complaints, but other goals can also be addressed.

Of course every customer is unique. That is why I like to see together with you what I can do for you. So please contact Divine Connection, the therapist from Rotterdam and surroundings.

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