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Kundalini Therapy, Psychic Mediumship, Massages

Kundalini Programs

Kundalini Therapist Training

Kundalini Therapists Practitioner Training Course

A wonderful opportunity to view kundalini from a healing perspective.

Kundalini in the west does not flow like in India or Egypt, for example Bali and Mexico. The earth in different places give different energy currents.

How do you deal with it in your daily life in the city or in your village?

Kundalini is combined with your chakras and healing, a wonderful way to remove old conditions. To be released from blockages of, for example, the past, past lives and to do this together in a group to connect with the beautiful energy of the Kundalini.

A safe environment and guidance from a woman with a lot of experience in the field of Kundalini.

The Kundalini experiences are liberating and we continue this.

Come and practice together 1 day a month, learn about healing with Kundalini and pass this on to each other. You can therefore help your life with the book, which contains 36 pages with clear instructions and exercises.

Kundalini Healing Sessions

There might be a variety of complaints and concerns in your life that could create a blockage in you. Frequently, the soul chooses self-realization and the exploration of what hinders it from achieving ascension because it is capable of so much more.

You can choose to take this road in this life. Then I am the right person to help you, along with your spirit guides. In prior Kundalini healing sessions, the following questions have been posed and successfully answered:

“My chakras are blocked, but my kundalini wants to flow; how should I handle this predicament?”
“I have intense kundalini energy sensations and want assistance to unblock it.”
“I wish to have Kundalini-related full-body awakenings. I intend to cultivate my Kundalini awakening experience.”

These are all questions and remarks I deal with almost daily. I am pleased to have you in my session, where we will determine what must be accomplished. These are all questions I work with on a daily basis. I welcome you to my session, where we can see what needs to be done.

Kundalini Massage Workshop

Your greatest vitality is in your spine and heart. This implies that by touching particular areas of the body, we may activate the channels of life energy. This contact activates the kundalini life energy. With Kundalini, we let our energy flow like water. Kundalini provides the following advantages in life:

– Reduced fatigue
– Absence of muscular stiffness
– Increased energy throughout the day.
– Elimination of energy blockages in the body.

This class is particularly focused on stimulating Kundalini energy through massage in order to assist your chakras in returning to their earthly and physical boundaries. Throughout this course, we delve further into massage and Kundalini awakening. Sound healing is also a component of Kundalini energy activation. It is a daily session in which we work for three hours with a break of thirty minutes. It is in the Netherlands, but if there are enough participants, it can be held in another country.


Tantra Massages

Body Tantra Massage

The movements and pressure of tantric massage are deep and will clear energetic blockages that prevent us from feeling fully invigorated. Your soul will be liberated by the massage.

You will be in a state of pure bliss when you receive a tantric massage. There may be stagnant energy that needs to be released, and receiving this massage makes us feel liberated and more open to new opportunities in life.

Tantric massage is a holistic practice that focuses on balancing the energy in the body and improving the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. It can also improve your overall well-being by reducing stress, anxiety, and physical tension.

Lingam Massage Theory

The Lingam consists out of receptors and has a life of its own. He is the center of the universe and eternity flows through it. If you touch the Lingam with your hand, it is important that there is permission from the penis and the man. 

Until he says yes, it’s a no go. The man has been through a lot over the centuries and his Lingam is his kingdom that can also be seen as a temple.

Enhance Your Sex Life

Spice up your love life with sex coaching by Divine Connection

Sex Coaching

Isn’t it easy for you? Or are things going well, but if you want to know more about different forms of sexuality, then you’ve come to the right place. Within the session you will find the benefits of sex coaching You feel good again being able to open up to a man or a woman no erection problems, being able to experience an orgasm as a woman – Being able to talk about sexuality on a deeper level. 

Energy and Psychic healing sessions

Psychic mediumship

With Psychic mediumship, we are connecting our spirit with our spirit guides. Spirit guides are incarnated energies that have been here since the beginning of time, and these guides have the ability to help bring balance to the body and can help initiate the self-healing process that is pre-existing in the body.

They remove negative entities and overall negative energy from the body. If the negativity is passed on from our past lives or has accumulated from this life, then our spirit can be transported through memories of the past and assist in removing these negative thought patterns from within us. This will in turn assist in bringing balance back into the body and encourage healing within your body, mind, and soul.

Our ancestors and spirit guides have been through emotional pain and trauma, so they know how to heal these wounds so that you can learn to accept your pain and improve your self-love to the point where your pain is just a memory.

Chakra Healing

In this session, we will cleanse your chakras, and where there is blocked energy, we will have the opportunity to release it. Here are the most common chakras that we will be working with:

⦁ Muladhara Chakra – Root Chakra – Red
Represent your sense of security and your pillar of power.

⦁ Svadhishthana Chakra – Sacral Chakra – Orange
Represents your emotions and creativity.

⦁ Manipura Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
Represents your personal power, will power, self-esteem, confidence, and intellect.

⦁ Anahata Chakra – Heart Chakra – Green
Represents love, compassion, empathy, kindness, health, and your ability to heal.

⦁ Vishuddha Chakra – Throat Chakra – Blue
Represents self-expression and your ability to communicate clearly.

⦁ Ajna Chakra – Third Eye Chakra – Indigo/Purple
Represents one’s subconscious knowledge and perception of the senses.

⦁ Sahastrara Chakra – Crown Chakra – Violet/White
Represents your soul, higher self, purpose, the universe, and the divine.

In this session, you can expect to work with your energy at the deepest level. This can assist your body in feeling a sense of relief and becoming freer from stagnant energies.

Sound Healing

You are continuously surrounded by sound healing. It is present, for example, in music, when people speak, in the sounds of nature, etc.

Once you lie down and your breathing slows, sound healing helps you become calmer.
Sound aids in the creation of an environment conducive to a journey to a place of tranquillity and peace.

One’s own voice, drumming, tuning forks, and Himalayan singing bowls are all tools that can be used during sound healing. These instruments help tune our bodies, which are the most powerful vibrational instruments we possess.

In my sound healing sessions, I specifically utilize Himalayan singing bowls. The sound healing sessions can be conducted in groups or, if you prefer, you can opt for an individual session.

Couples Tantra

Tantra is an ancient wisdom that is still practiced today to help us achieve serenity in this age of technology by providing us with spiritual wisdom. Tantra enables us to reclaim our balance on all levels—physical, mental, and spiritual.

Tantra is a spiritual practice that can have a variety of undertones, depending on whether the practitioner is seeking to feel connected, intimate, transcendent, or to attain a level of divine consciousness.

Throughout this session, you and your partner will work together to achieve a higher degree of enlightenment and love in order to go forward.