What Is Negative Energy And How To Get Rid Of It?

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What is negative energy and how to get rid of it?

If you possess a heightened awareness of your emotional state, you may have encountered instances when your well-being is influenced by the presence of negative energy. Potential sources of influence may be from the immediate environment, others present in your vicinity, or even from bad energy that may be associated with an item. You may have perhaps encountered instances whereby energy drains from your body, resulting in exhaustion. It almost seems as if an external entity has depleted your energy reserve.

The experience of negative energy may manifest as a persistent challenge in your everyday life or as an acute occurrence in certain circumstances. However, there exists a specific group of individuals who have difficulties in effectively protecting themselves from negative energy.

This phenomenon may occur due to several factors, such as the presence of individuals who drain others’ energy (referred to as energy vampires), the imbalance of feng shui in a specific place, the persistence of bad energy inside that space, the deliberate invitation of negative energy, or your chakras might just simply be blocked.

It is crucial to bear in mind that negative energy is not inherently permanent, and there exist several methods for its eradication, even in cases when it is attached to you, when your energy is being drained from you, or when your chakras have become blocked.

What does negative energy feel like?

Negative energy may manifest as persistent feelings of anxiety, tension, hopelessness, dread, unhappiness, frustration, anger, or even feeling drained. There are instances when you may experience the absorption of negative energy, wherein your well-being is adversely affected either physically, mentally, or emotionally.

This may occur due to external factors such as people, objects, or locations that have a draining influence on your positive energy. Identifying the source of the negative energy or the individual responsible for the depletion of your positive energy may provide a challenge, particularly in the absence of a strong intuition.

What is an energy vampire?

Energy vampire absorbing your positive energy and giving you negative energy

An energy vampire is someone who takes energy from another person. They tend to emit extremely negative energies and should be actively avoided to the greatest extent possible. The duration of exposure to an energy vampire directly correlates with how drained you feel. If you are curious in identifying the energy vampire in your proximity, it may be beneficial to use intuitive abilities in order to discern the one who seems to be depleting your energy.

Since you become more fatigued, energy vampires may exhibit heightened levels of energy in your presence while you start to feel more drained as time passes. However, it is important to use caution, since some energy vampires proficiently conceal that they are even draining your energy to begin with. If you notice that your energy is being depleted by another person, you have the option to either surround yourself with protective energy or you can leave the room that they are in.

Getting rid of negative energy within yourself.

Getting rid of negative energy and feeling positive

Once the origin of your negative energy has been identified, it becomes crucial to undertake appropriate measures in order to eliminate it. If you have negative energy, it becomes necessary to disengage from it and eliminate this energy from yourself. In the event of chakra blockages, it becomes necessary to address and resolve these obstructions. Various methods may be used to effectively clear the chakras. Methods for unblocking your chakras may be explored in another blog (Complete Guide To Your 7 Chakras And How To Activate Them), or alternatively, individuals may consider engaging in a Kundalini Awakening, which has the potential to significantly transform your life and enhance your perspective of the world.

If you are burdened by negative energy or are currently feeling its presence, there are many strategies that may be used to alleviate it. There are several methods available to address blocked chakras. One option is to engage in the services of a Kundalini practitioner who specialises in chakra healing. Another approach to eliminating negative energy involves taking a soothing spiritual bath, which typically involves the use of white candles, incense, calming music, bath salts, herbal flowers, bath bombs, or bath oils to promote relaxation. Imagine visualising the dissipation of the negative energy as it gradually melts out of your body and into the water. Upon completion of the bath, envision the negative energy being eliminated as it flows down the drain.

How to get rid of negative energy in a space.

If a certain location is imbued with negative energy, there exist several steps that may be undertaken to introduce positive energy into this space. In order to eliminate the presence of negative energy, it is recommended to use a method involving the use of a wooden broom equipped with natural bristles. This process entails systematically sweeping the energy from room to room, commencing at the furthest point from the door, and proceeding in an anticlockwise direction until reaching the door. Subsequently, the energy is directed out of the house by sweeping it through the doorway. You may engage in the practice of moving from room to room, gradually eliminating the presence of negative energy inside the house, ultimately expelling it via the exit door.

Subsequently, you may proceed by igniting white candles, using either sage or Palo Santo incense, or utilising a smudge stick with herbs such as sage or rosemary, with the intention of restoring the good energy inside the space. It is advisable to ensure proper ventilation by opening doors and windows throughout the process, particularly if there are pets present, as some herbs may pose a hazardous risk to them. Additionally, the introduction of fresh air aids in the removal of negative energy inside the household.

It is advisable to use cleaning products that are devoid of harmful chemicals while cleansing your living space. Additionally, it is recommended to engage in periodic deep cleanings, such as a spring cleaning, not only to eliminate accumulated dust and dirt but also to facilitate the elimination of stagnant negative energy. This action may also be undertaken after hosting a social gathering or after an argument.


It is important to bear in mind that negative energy is not permanent and can be overcome or you can get rid of it. It is advisable to maintain a constant practice of personal and household cleansing, while also taking measures to safeguard yourself from those who exhibit energy-draining tendencies with malicious intent.


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