What is tantra?

Tantra has many definitions, but the core is to be able to lead an enlightened life and to understand where the origin of our existence comes from and that of course is love. We are timeless and endless.

Tantric living can involve; living outside of time, having no goal in mind, just being with the earth and the spirit. From a state of being we create life that is ideal for us and this also applies to sexuality. Sexuality is our birthright. We have life force as a source of sex, and through that life force we create every day.

Tantrism goes back to meditation, discipline and letting go of old conditioning. To create a life from your higher self together with your personality.

The 3 unit; body, mind and spirit. We are people who can walk around in a constant state of happiness. The road to this is the passing of patterns that we leave behind. Being born again and again in a different form that comes a little closer to the core of the soul, and the core is always unity.

Yet it is true that we are already in unity, but we have forgotten it. Our brain is not yet that advanced in evolution. Yet there are moments where we are perfectly happy, those are the moments of unity.