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What is Lingam Massage?

Lingam massage is a form of massage that focuses on the male genitalia, also referred to as the penis. The term “Lingam” originates from Hinduism and refers to the “pillar” of creation associated with the deity Shiva.

The Concept of Lingam

In Hinduism, a lingam is typically made of stone and is honored in rituals by pouring milk over it and adorning it with flowers. When applied to the male genitalia, the term “Lingam” is not meant to be a reference to the physical hardness of the penis, but rather to the Kundalini energy found in the scrotum. This energy is believed to be the essence of life, and when it flows freely, one can experience a harmonious balance of body, mind, and spirit, leading to a fulfilling love life.

Symptoms of Blocked Energy

If this energy is blocked, one may experience pain in the lower back, lack of feelings during sexual activity, depression, low sexual drive, and a lack of interest in others.

Benefits of Open Energy Flow

On the other hand, when the energy flow is open, one can experience:

  • peace
  • creativity
  • a satisfying sexual life
  • control over sexual needs

Lingam Massage Procedure

Lingam massage involves releasing old patterns from the penis and pelvic region to open the entire base of the body towards the heart and feet. This massage aims to address the root causes of blockages in sexual energy, rather than just fulfilling sexual needs. It is a deep and intuitive form of massage that can be performed once a month for maximum benefits.

Interested in Lingam Massage?

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of lingam massage, please contact Suze Flower for an intake session to determine if she can support you in this journey.


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