About me,

Suze Flower

Kundalini Practitioner in Rotterdam, NL

Hey, I’m Suze Flower, owner and founder of Divine Connection and this is my story. 

For several years I was on a journey on a spiritual level, where I wanted to learn everything. Especially how everything worked in my personal life and how I could come back to myself and start feeling again.

At a certain moment in my journey I came to realization, that I was always looking for everything outside myself. Focused outwardly for receiving love. I had no example to look within myself, looking outside myself this was the most natural thing in the world.

My parents were raised that way and they raised me that way too. Now my way is inwards first. I can feel the energy within myself and I have more contact with my spirit guides and my intuition.

From that inward journey, I can feel the earth and the stars as well now. After many years of training in the field of spirituality, body work and energy work. I discovered that my gift is with the life force (Kundalini), I developed and channeled several Kundalini programs, in which I passes these teachings on to others.

By doing so, we help eachother to grow to a higher path in love. In my new website, you are on now, I show you all your possibilities to learn, experience and grow with and by the Kundalini energy and teachings.

I look forward to seeing you online or in any of the sessions or workshops about Kundalini or other energy forms, so important to grow into unity.

All the love,

– Suze Flower